Zoom with Us!

Welcome to Fun art Paint Studio’s Virtual Paint classes! Our virtual sessions will guide you through, step-by step, via Zoom on how to complete your version of the featured image.

You can book a private virtual paint party here, kits are also available here

We encourage you to put your creative spin on the featured image and change up the colours and style of the painting if you like.

Most of all, we encourage you to just enjoy the creative process and the time that you spend creating. This is fun art not fine art!

When you book a specific painting we will provide you with a list of colours you will need to compete your painting.

So just relax, unwind and CREATE!


A Paint Kit includes:
An 11x14 canvas
A paint palette
Assorted brushes
Tracing paper
Assorted paint colours
Any questions?
Please contact us at funartpaintparties@gmail.com

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